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Brief history of PROLANGS

The PROLANGS research group was created after a seminar given by Barbara Ryder in 1988. Since then, under Barbara's sponsorship, the group has met weekly as a conference/journal paper reading/discussion group. The perseverance of some members is strong: we even meet over the summer. The topics covered by the group are usually related to Compile-time Analysis, although other subjects in Programming Languages and Compilers are also covered. Most PROLANGS members are, or have been, Barbara's graduate students or are somehow related to the Rutgers Department of Computer Science. Besides the weekly reading group meetings, a subset of the group is likely to meet for lunch once a week.

Our group is not a closed group. Any interested colleague is invited to join us in our weekly meetings. Of course, all attendees of reading group are expected to do a presentation! Try to find another research group that always feeds its members during meetings or has their own customized T-shirt :-)