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PROLANGS holds a regular reading group to discuss research papers on programming language related topics which is open to all interested parties. This is now a light graduate seminar that welcomes any Ph.D. student in the department with an interest in participating. During Spring 2006 the group will meet on Thursdays from 1:30-3:15pm in Core B. The only rule is that all regular attendees will be called upon to present a paper at some point. Contact Bruno Dufour for more details.

Reading Group for Spring 2008

Previous Talks

1997-98, Spring 1999, Summer 1999, Fall 1999, Spring 2000, Fall 2000, Spring 2001, Fall 2001, Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2007.

During Fall 2004, Prof Ryder was on sabbatical at IBM TJ Watson Research Center. During Spring 2005, reading group was replaced by the twice-weekly graduate seminar on large modern OO applications taught by Prof Ryder.


The reading group meetings are held in meeting room B, 3rd floor, of the Computing Research and Education (CoRE) building on Rutgers' Busch campus.

From Rt-18 N: Follow Rt-18 until it crosses the river, ignoring many tempting signs leading you to different parts of Rutgers. Follow signs to the "Busch Campus" exit. Follow the exit to the circle and take the first right off the circle; you will go past the Werblin gym. At the 4way stop intersection, turn left onto Brett Road. Follow Brett Rd to the end where it turns into a lot of parking lots cowering beneath a foreboding, large brown building, which is the CoRE building.

From Rt-1: Rt-18 crosses Rt-1, and is reasonably well signposted. From Rt-1 N you want the jug-handle turn immediately after going underneath the Rt-18 overpass (to end up making a left turn). From Rt-1 S, it's a right turn.

From the NJ Turnpike: Rutgers/New Brunswick is at exit 9 of the turnpike. This deposits you on Rt-18 N.


Park in any of the lots in the vicinity of the CoRE building. Parking requires a permit. Temporary permits are available from the department. Come up to the 3rd floor and find a PROLANGS person to obtain a permit from DCS staff. You will then have to put it on your car rear view mirror.